Training & Development

PDO offers you a multicultural work environment, career development opportunities and competitive remuneration packages. If you are Omani, you will become eligible for an interest-free housing loan and a contributory pension when you join the company.

PDO will develop you throughout your career, through supporting your further education, through participation in regular events like seminars and conferences and through the company’s e-learning, distance-learning and web-based network. There are opportunities to gain unique work experience abroad through an exchange with a Shell-based office anywhere in the world depending on the availability of a vacancy, the relevance of the job in your career development, and the company’s business needs. The company values the contribution of its staff to the business and strives to reward them, whether through monetary or non-monetary means.

Health Care

The Company maintains a clinic in the PDO office complex. The clinic has outpatient departments as well as specialist departments for ante-natal care, child development, and diabetes and hypertension. PDO also has seven clinics at interior locations so that all camps and drilling rigs have medical cover provided by experienced nurses. Two doctors are always resident in the interior clinics - one in the south at Marmul, and one in the north at Fahud.

These two clinics have X-ray facilities and beds for minor in-patient cases. Patients in urgent need of specialist medical treatment can be evacuated by air to the coast. Patients who need treatment that the PDO clinics cannot provide are referred to a specialist at one of the nearby Government hospitals. The medical department maintains close ties with these hospitals, and medical standards are high.

PDO Recreation Centre

The PDO Recreation Centre (PDORC) consists of two clubs: one located in the Ras al Hamra residential area and another near the PDO offices, which although much smaller is handy for a lunchtime swim! The PDORC provides opportunities for social, recreational and sporting activities for the benefit of PDO staff and their families. Membership requires the payment of a modest monthly fee, which is automatically charged to the members’ account.

The Ras al Hamra (RAH) Club boasts a number of facilities for both social and recreational activities. It has coffee shops and restaurants as well as swimming pools for adults and children, private beaches, gymnasiums and its own nine-hole golf course. All payments, whether for food, or sports instruction, are made through an electronic membership card and recovered from the member’s salary.

Most activities at the Club are run by volunteer members who form "sections", such as the Ras al Hamra Amateur Dramatic Society, the Astronomy section, and so on. The sections can not only make full use of PDORC facilities but also receive some financial support from the club. And if there is no section that covers your particular interest, you can start one up yourself!

Sports and Social recreation facilities at the PDO club:

Arts & Craft Centre, Boat Club, Book Library, Bulk Store, Cinema/Theatre Hall, Golf Club, Gym, Ladies Association, Snooker Room, Squash Courts, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Video Shop, Volleyball Court.
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