Dear Investors,

Welcome to the official website for Habhab Project, a promising ultra heavy oil opportunity. Habhab Project is one of the strategic projects for Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO/COMPANY) in the Sultanate of Oman. PDO is the foremost exploration and production company in the Sultanate of Oman. It is the lead producer of the country's crude oil production and nearly all of its natural gas supply.

The COMPANY wishes to invite oil and gas companies (each an ‘APPLICANT’) to participate in the sourcing exercise for the development and implementation of hydrocarbon production practices aimed at achieving the Maximum Economic Recovery of Habhab Oil in a part of its Concession Area in the Sultanate of Oman. In brief, the Habhab Oil is classified as Bitumen. Enhanced oil recovery is required to produce the Habhab Oil. Other features of the Habhab Oil are as follows

Ø  The STOIIP of Habhab Oil under this sourcing exercise is estimated to be approximately 1 bln barrel at P50.

Ø  The Bitumen is accumulated in a thinly laminated sandstone reservoir with an oil column thickness of approximately 100 m and reservoir depth starts at 1,550 m. The reservoir has low permeability (1-100 mD). The porosity is approx 20-25%. The initial oil saturation is around 50%.   

Ø  Habhab Oil is highly viscous (=30,000 – 100,000 cP at 65°C reservoir temperature and 1,000,000 cP at surface). The Habhab Oil has a low API (=10-14 API). 

COMPANY confirms that the Contract Area is remote with no facilities existing, and APPLICANT may request a site visit to further familiariase itself with the Contract Area.

The sourcing exercise shall work in the following sequence:

1)    APPLICANT is able to download and view the Term Sheet for the Habhab Field Service Agreement from the PDO Public Tender website. The Term Sheet shall form the basis of the eventual Habhab Field Service Agreement (C311790).

2)    If an interest is established after reviewing the Term Sheet, and in order to further understand the technical aspects of the Contract Area APPLICANT will be required to purchase the Data Pack for a non-refundable fee of USD 25,000.

3)    Upon reviewing the Term Sheet and the Data Pack, APPLICANT may submit a formal Proposal to the COMPANY as further detailed in Section T3 (Data To Be Submitted), subject to the following:

a.     Completion of the formal registration process with the COMPANY (Form F2 as attached)

b.     The Proposal shall contain the required Framework Development Plan as further detailed in Section T3 (Data To Be Submitted).

c.     Submission of USD 500,000 (five hundred thousand United States Dollars) Tender Bond alongside with the Proposal submission.

 4)   The COMPANY will evaluate the Proposal and will inform APPLICANT whether or not further negotiations on the Proposal as well as detailed terms and conditions on the Habhab Field Service Agreement will take place.

The Application Tender Documents for the sourcing exercise shall comprise the following Sections:

T1      Invitation to Tender (this letter including the pages attached hereto)

T2      Instructions to APPLICANT

T3      Data to be Submitted

TS      Term Sheet


The above documents are available to download from the PDO Public Tender website ( Note: to gain access, you are kindly requested to:

1.     Click on Public Tender Logon

2.     Click on the ‘RFx and Tenders’ tab

3.     Under Active Queries, select ‘All’

4.     Click on C311790-Habhab Field Service Agreement  

For more information, you are kindly requested to contact our Habhab Project Team in the email given below.


Your Faithfully

For Petroleum Development Oman LLC

Mr. Issa Al Riyami, FPW1

CP Lead – Habhab Project  

Petroleum Development Oman LLC

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