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Gas Flaring Mitigation Technology & Solutions

Request For Information (RFI)
Let us know about your professional technological solutions to mitigate flaring at PDO

PDO, the foremost exploration and production company in the Sultanate of Oman,is seeking the best, technically and economically feasible and proven solutions to reduce/mitigate its flaring.With this purpose in mind, PDO is inviting suppliers of gas flaring mitigation technology and solutions to respond to a Request For Information (RFI). This RFI allows suppliers the opportunity to self-declare their capability and interest in meeting PDO’s requirements in full or in part.

There are more than 60 flares within the PDO concession area.These are divided into three categories:

1. Associated gas flares in oil operations in South Oman.

2. Associated gas flares in oil operations in North Oman.

3. Non-associated gas flares in gas operations in Oman.

Each of these flares has a different pressure i.e. atmospheric pressure (AP) flares, low pressure (LP) flares and high pressure (HP) flares.Each flare is either routine or non-routine. Routine (R) flaring of gas is during normal oil production operations in the absence of sufficient facilities or amenable geology to re-inject the produced gas, utilise it on-site, or dispatch it to a market.

Non-routine (NR) flaring of gas is intermittent flaring as a result of operating conditions that are outside the normal plant process and equipment process.Examples of NR flaring are flaring during gas injection compressor trips etc. The RFI contains basic information about all the concerned flares.

The RFI can be accessed electronically by registering on PDO’s Technology Providers Hub (TPH) webpage ( you register and log in on the TPH website, you can access the posted challenge titled: “Gas Flaring Mitigation Technologies & Solution” (Challenge Code: PDO-2017-1067). Once you access the challenge, you  should complete the questionnaire and submit your responses electronically by noon on Thursday, 28th September at the latest.

Note: No clarification questions are expected for this RFI.

If you face any technical issues in accessing the RFI, please send an email to with the Subject: <Technical Issue RFI>.​​​