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Diversity and Inclusion

At PDO we are fully committed to embracing diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our operations. Putting people first and accepting and celebrating differences have always been at the top of our agenda and provided a cornerstone for our success.

PDO has a large and diverse staff of more than 8,500 comprised of more than 64 different nationalities. More than 1,000 are women and four women sit on the Managing Director’s Committee (MDC) – a third of its membership. All but one member of the MDC are Omani.​​​​


The Company has a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) team and Governance Structure that consists of the D&I Sub-Committee, which is chaired by the Managing Director (MD) and six members of the MDC acting as Champions to monitor D&I performance in key focus areas, provide steer and feedback to the rest of the MDC.

A D&I Officer position has also been secured with the role of acting as the Central Ambassador, drive D&I agenda through strategy development, priority setting, decision making, implementation and execution.The HR Business Partners (HRBPs) also plays a key role on the Governance Structure. They ensure awareness and involvement of Leaders in the execution of D&I initiatives.They also Influence & execute D&I strategy.

In addition, the Supervisors and Employees support the D&I by providing input and advice as well influence direction of D&I agenda, identify barriers and solutions to leverage and unlock the full potential of D&I.​


The team’s mission is to elevate the status of D&I in the Company, to underline the benefits of a diverse staff and the positive impact they can have on business performance.

The Diversity and Inclusion Standard states our commitment to diversity and inclusion by creating an inclusive environment that elicits the very best from our employees and is fundamental to our success.


We are committed to:

  • Manage diversity as a critical business activity
  • Value the broad range of cultural and personal differences that exist in our Company.
  • Respect each employee’s need to balance work and personal demands.
  • Provide equal opportunity for everyone to compete through well understood, and consistently applied employment and performance standards, and management systems.
  • Provide a means for employees to share personal support, learning, self-development, and communication- including networks.
  • Demonstrate respect and fairness in our interactions with external stakeholders consistent with our business principles.
  • Continue improvement through reference to best practice.
  • Promote a culture in which all PDO employees and contractors share these commitments appropriately.

The Company provides regular induction courses on D&I awareness to newcomers: from young graduates through to mature hires, both expatriates and locals. The aim is to promote an inclusive workplace, which celebrates diversity and provides all with equal opportunities to succeed.