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​PDO is the leading exploration and production company in the Sultanate of Oman. To support our operations, PDO requires 30,000+ permanent accommodation beds distributed across eleven (11) hubs and one (1) satellite locations in the interior.


​PDO is seeking to source service providers to Design, Build, Own, Operate, Maintain (DBOOM) new Accommodation Villages for PDO staff and Contractor workforces working in long-term service contracts and not projects or rigs/seismic activities. Manazil seeks to transition from the current fragmented approach with beds in PACs, TACs, and PDO camps/motels to a fully integrated, standardized, and outsourced model for accommodation.Manazil Scope includes integrating offices, clinics and first responses facilities (Fire Stations). but excludes industrial facilities and workshops.


​PDO is committed to elevating the standard of accommodation and improving welfare for PDO staff and contractors. This is a holistic approach supporting healthy, meaningful, and productive lifestyles. Manazil promotes sustainability, full facilities for women to work in the field and unique ICV opportunities (Eg. Food supply chain through Omani farms) Manazil seeks to drive efficiency through integration, standardization and an optimized model of accommodation across PDO’s concession.


​The Planning of Villages will be based on a zoning concept to allow for privacy, security and integration. There will be separate private zones for PDO accommodation and contractor accommodation, semi-private and public zones for shared amenities and services and recreational elements (e.g., laundry, multi-use courts/fields, atm, etc.). The Company Private Zone shall have direct access to internally segregated facilities including Office and Mess Hall. The Public/Shared Amenities & Services (Coffee shops, commissary, and supermarket) will be placed in the public zone outside of village boundaries. Manazil aspires to provide branded / superior profile of retail and convenience facilities.


​The locations / plots have been identified applying key criteria and also in consultation with necessary internal stakeholders from Assets, Exploration, Technical Safety, Pipelines etc.

Change Agents

Change Agents have been nominated and are located across all PDO camps. They play an active role in supporting the project team to engage with colleagues in the interior and establish effective two-way communication channels. The Change Agents also help in ensuring that project updates are regularly provided and in obtaining any specific feedback/ ideas or suggestions for the project. The Change Agents support behavioral change required for new ways of living, and will help their colleagues transition to the new facilities these are ready to occupy.

















​Contact Us

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