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Social Investment

A key element of our success has been the close working relationship between PDO, the communities where we operate and all aspects of society in Oman. With this in mind, we have developed a structured social investment programme which is implemented in close collaboration with the Government.
This programme focuses on contributing to the growth of society and developing areas where we operate to achieve a mutually beneficial and sustainable environment for carrying out oil and gas operations.

Funding has been channelled to non-governmental organisations to help vulnerable members of society such as the blind and disabled and there has been special focus on projects that provide Omanis with the right skills to enter the job market or the ability to earn an income. Underpinning this approach is PDO’s long-term aspiration to help secure sustainable benefits for the Sultanate as we carry out our core business of exploring and producing oil and gas.​​

Gifts to the Nation

National Day (November 18) is a treasured occasion for the people of Oman and PDO has a long tradition of marking milestone National Days by making a Gift to the Nation every five years.

The projects normally serve one of the themes and are intended for the use of many beneficiaries. There is a separate budget set for the “Gift to the Nations” projects.

Examples of Gifts to Nation

Roles and Responsibility

The main role of the MDC is to approve the social investment projects which fulfill the themes and the criteria set herewith. This entails the following:

  • Ensure the projects are consistent with the Company’s main objectives and roles towards society, with the policy and guidelines and selection criteria and with the Company’s Statement of General Business Principles and its Health, Safety and Environment policies
  • Ensure proposals for projects have passed through the ranking and selection process
  • Strategy development and review of the SD/SP plan
  • Defining the SD/SP requirements within PDO
  • Assessing overall performance
  • Enhancing a good relationship with the government.
Social Investment Themes

In order to achieve its social performance goals, the Company sets themes which maximise the benefits for both the Company and the society/community. The themes will be identified based on the socio-economic needs of the country and the Company’s strategic direction. The themes are identified based on socio-economic needs of the country and the Companys strategic direction.

During project evaluation and selection, projects will be ranked taking into consideration these themes:

  • Educational & Training
  • Health Support
  • Environment
  • Social/Cultural
  • Economy/Tourism (employment and income)
  • Community Support particularly in the concession area
Grants & Donations

Social Investment is a voluntary contribution to communities and the broader society in which PDO operates. Grants and donations are one form of social investment to provide additional benefit from PDO's presence by working in collaboration with the community to achieve local social and economic development objectives.

The Social Investment Code of Practice describes the practices that shall be followed in order to fulfil PDO's Social Responsibility Policy. Grants and Donations activities can be supported through donations and sponsorship, and a definition is given below:

  • Donations: One-off monetary or non-monetary contributions with no further commitment on the part of the Company in support of an event of limited duration. The process will normally be reactive to requests.
  • Sponsorships: One–off monetary or material contribution in support for an event, conferences or project of limited duration with no further commitment on the part of PDO. The sponsored events which may wholly or partly be supported would be expected to contain PDO’s logo and publicity materials.
Banat Oman

PDO has funded a community-based vocational training initiative for low-income Omani women called Banat Oman to help develop and nurture skills and create sustainable commercial opportunities and jobs for them. So far, more than 200 women have benefited from the project and the Company has taken the initiative to promote Banat Oman products by facilitating a marketing company to work hand-in-hand with PDO and Banat Oman to market their unique goods. Moreover, PDO is in the process of opening an outlet and other marketing channels that will support women working with Banat Oman.

PDO has funded innovative projects in partnership with the Omani Women’s Association to train a number of Omani women across the country in various handicrafts, such as tailoring and embroidery, dairy and bakery product manufacture, leather craft, camel-bone carving, jam making and silversmithing.