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This building was inaugurated to help raise public awareness of the environment. It offers an engaging journey through the evolution and future of energy and aims to help visitors understand the possibilities of harnessing sustainable energy resources. It also underlines the Company’s strong commitment to society and sustainable development.

The Centre has three theme areas: the Power Tower, Energy Journey and Better World. Tours start in the Power Tower where visitors learn about the sources and impact of energy through technical illustrations, animations and interactive demonstration models. In the Energy Journey, they are shown how humans developed technologies to harness nature’s energy, starting with the discovery of fire to the present day with the burning of fossil fuels and the production of electricity.


In the Better World, there is a chance to see models of eco-friendly houses which demonstrate how green resources, recycling programmes and energy storage are put into practice. The EcOman also runs exhibitions, contests and quizzes for children to aid their understanding of environmental sustainability and protection issues and raise awareness among the younger generation. For example, as part of our celebration of Oman Environment Day on 8 January, 2013, PDO ran a month-long Reduce, Reuse and Recycle competition for budding child artists which attracted a variety of 90 drawings and eco art-works focusing on green issues.


PDO also hosted a two-month Eco-Summer programme, organised by the Environment Society of Oman with activities for students aged 12-17. These actively engaged the youngsters with story-telling, crafts workshops, and fun information sessions on the key environmental challenges facing Oman.

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