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The PDO Pension Fund for Omani staff was established on 1st January 1980. The objective of the Fund is to provide  pensions and lump sum benefits for its Members and their Dependants on retirement and death. The Company is committed to fine-tune the pensions and benefits system as part of its Employment Value Proposition.

1. Board of Trustees

To be able to meet the objective of the Fund, a need for efficient supervision is crucial. Hence, the Fund is governed by the team of proficient trustees who provide the strategic direction and guidance to the Pension Fund team. The Board of Trustees has a range of skills, knowledge and experience necessary to effectively manage and govern the Fund.

  • Haifa Al Khaifi-(Chairperson)
  • Jahanbani, Shahram - FFM (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Ghaniya Al Rashdi - FCN (Trustee)
  • Naila AL Jahdhami - PDR (Trustee)​
  • Ali Al Lamki - UDM (Trustee)
  • Abdullah Al Hadhrami - OSPG (Trustee)
  • Samiha Sulaiman FFCP (Secretary)

2. Pension Fund Team

In the PDO Pension Fund department, we have a team of qualified and motivated professionals striving for excellence in our endeavor to provide professional funds management. It is led by the Head of Pension Fund (FFCP) assisted by a team of four members, who are responsible for implementing the strategic direction of the fund set by the Board of Trustees, and managing overall operations.

The FFCP team is answerable to the Board of Trustees which provides objectives and a guideline to the Pension Fund Team.The FFCP team is answerable to the Board of Trustees which provides objectives and guidelines to the Pension Fund Team.

Members of Pension Fund Team:

  • Samiha Sulaiman - Head of Omani Pension Fund
  • Mustafa Jawad Senior Pension Fund & Investment Analyst
  • Ali Al Rashdi - Senior Pension Fund & Investment Analyst
  • Haitham Al Kiyumi - Pension Fund Analyst
  • Abdul Aziz Hinai Pension Fund Analyst
  • Jaffar Al Lawati - Pension Fund Analyst
  • Bader Al Kharusi - Pension Fund Analyst
  • Sumaiya Al Jahdhami - Pension Fund Analyst

1. Al Yusr Loan

The Al Yusr loan was introduced in December 2014 to help pensioners experiencing financial difficulties or unforeseen hardship situations. The loan is interest-free with a maximum capped at RO 5,000 and minimum at RO 3,000.

2. Annual Confirmation

The scheme requires that the status of the existence of all pensioners is confirmed annually. The objective of the process is to ensure that whether or not eligible beneficiaries are paid in accordance with the Pension Fund rules. Each year, pensioners/ beneficiaries are required to submit the annual confirmation personally or be duly authorised by any of the following:

  • Sheikh AND Wali, or
  • Bank officer, or
  • PDO representative (current PDO staff) along with a copy of pensioner’s national ID card or passport.

3. Medical Services

PDO harmonised its in-house primary healthcare services to include all levels of staff and their eligible dependants. We also support our retirees and their spouses. Further improvements have been made by introducing in-house secondary healthcare in gynaecology, heart, and endocrine/diabetic specialties under the care of experienced external consultants. In addition to the available services, PDO has also provided further primary healthcare investigation support at private health care facilities, which may be requested by a PDO doctor or specialists at a government hospital. These are:

  • Radiological investigations(x-ray,ultrasound,CTscans, mammography, MRI) diagnostic
  • Proctoscopy/ sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy evaluation in private hospital
  • To establish the diagnosis of eye conditions, we also support initial eye investigations at PDO-affiliated private eye clinics. Those needing definitive treatment/surgery will be referred to government hospitals.

PDO’s in-house heart clinic is equipped with modern TME, ECHO and Holter ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and is being used by 60% of our retirees. Our in-house endocrine, diabetic and eye clinic has also been used by 20-30% of our retirees so far.

PDO’s Mina Al Fahal clinic Medical Centre is located at gate one, opposite the Learning Centre and it is easily accessible to pensioners without the need for a gate pass, to provide the above services.

4. Pensioners' Details

Update Pensioners’ details: In order to keep pensioners' data up to date, an option has been introduced to enable the sending of the latest changes for a timely update of information.

Additional services: In addition to the above services, the Pension Fund also provides the following sub-services to pensioners such us Salary Certificates, Bank Letters, Bank Account Change Requests and Pensioner Cards etc.

Contact us

For any suggestions and queries please contact us as below:

  • Pension Fund E-mail​​​
  • Service Desk: Sunday to Wednesday 8:00am to 11:30am
  • Contact Number: (+968) 2467 1444​