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Occupational Health Mission

Occupational Health Mission is to ensure maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing of all staff and preventing occupational illnesses.

Occupational Health Vision

Occupational Health vision is to be a renowned role model in the provision and promotion of OH, locally and regionally.

Occupational Health is the branch of medicine focusing primarily on the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing of workers in all occupations.

Objectives of Occupational Health (MCOH Team)

The main objective of occupational health is to promote health, create a healthy work environment to prevent occupational diseases, injuries and deaths arising from workplace health hazards related to physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and psychosocial agents. The OH team therefore assist all the Directorates in conducting health risk assessments, Impact assessment, monitoring and controlling hazardous exposures to chemicals, biological, ergonomic and psychological factors, provision of Radiation management advices, conducting audits, etc.

Occupational Health

PDO has a well-established Occupational Health team, which is managed by our corporate OH advisor ( Occupational health physician, MCOH), assisted by five occupational hygienists and two public health advisors (MCPH). The OH team is also supported by qualified medical officers, nurses, well-equipped laboratory, pharmacy and rehabilitation physiotherapists. His role is to provide advice and support to the management on resources and activities required to achieve optimum health and productivity for employees and to supply expert health advice on all matters relating to health of employees at work.

PDO management endeavors always to maintain this good reputation of the company, by the adoption of a policy of no harm to people and paying special interest to Occupational Health, to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors and other persons affected by its activities, and prevent exposure to health hazards. PDO medical department provides a wide spectrum of Occupational Health services.

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