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Technical Safety Engineering is the systematic and scientific application of engineering design, principles and practices to ensure we understand the process safety risks in our operations( E& P) and those risks are controlled and minimized to ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, communities and society as a whole. PDO has been focused on Process Safety for decades and is continuously improving our performance. Technical Safety Engineers are the discipline driving and supporting process safety excellence though application of risk management, engineering controls and operational support.

Technical Safety Engineers use a variety of engineering systems, tools and skills to manage process safety risks in assets. The Technical Safety Engineering (TSE) Discipline plays an important role in the Process Safety community, providing technical safety support to all our businesses throughout the life cycle of the asset - from new business development, Exploration, projects design, operations and decommissioning.

TSE consists of the following specialist areas of:

H2S Management | Fire Safety | Facility Sitting & Layout | Consequence Assessment | Quantitative Risk Studies | HEMP for Significant risks Management | Safeguarding | Investigate Assess Review | Human Factors Engineering | Assurances in Projects & Existing Assets | Lifesaving equipment and Technical Safety Wells.

To understand hazards and risk, the focus is on collecting, documenting, and maintaining process safety knowledge in documents such as EORDs, asset registers and ‘as built drawings’; and conducting hazard identification and risk analysis studies such as HAZID, HAZOP, IPF and Fire & Explosion Analysis (FERM). These areas are relevant in design and engineering as well as later in operation

Technical Safety Engineers are a vital to achievement of the PDO ambition of Goal Zero: No Harm, No Leaks. Our engineers drive goal zero in our assets by applying / integrating Design and Engineering Practices, HSEMS requirements and Process Safety -Asset Integrity (AIPSM) Principles in collaboration with other technical disciplines. Technical Safety Engineers are employed in each our businesses entities. Our engineers can be deep technical experts, work process owners, multiskilled Process Safety Professionals and Broad Integrative Leaders.

  • CFDH Skill pool management
  • TSE Assurance
  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Asset Integrity -Process Safety Management
  • Projects Assurance
  • Asset TSE Support
  • People Talent Management