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2023 2nd Alert Hipo#28 Beam Pump unit collapsed.
On 26th June 2023 at around 0850hrs, while the damaged wrist pin was being replaced by the maintenance crew on the beam pump at well ID: Marmul-080, the walking beam with the horse head fell down and hit the stuffing box on the wellhead.
Always ensure the Corrective Maintenance (CM) procedure and CM procedure checklist are available with the crew. Always ensure the downhole load is isolated before any intervention with the Beam Pumping Unit Always conduct Periodic technical refreshment sessions for CM activities involving all crew members. Always conduct quality spot checks for procedure availability and compliance while the crew is at work. Ensure the relevant procedures are available with crew.
The Corrective Maintenance (CM) procedure and CM procedure checklist were not available with the crew. Downhole force/load/weight was not isolated.

Category:Second AlertsDocument Type:Safety