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The journey of searching for oil began in Oman, on June 24, 1937, when a 75-year concession was granted to the Iraq Petroleum Company, which set up Petroleum Development (Oman and Dhofar) Ltd. During the winter of 1937-38, IPC geologists started carrying out an initial survey along the coast of Oman.​​


After a rocky start for oil exploration in Oman with several dry wells drilled, oil was finally struck at Yibal, and then Natih and Fahud, signalling the birth of an oil-producing nation.​​


Transported by Mosprince, the first Omani oil was exported to Japan marking a new era in the country’s economy.​​


The changes in the country and the increasing oil prices helped to pen new agreements.


The ammonite shell was chosen as the new PDO logo in 1980, coinciding with one of the most significant milestones in the company’s history which was the registration of PDO as a limited liability company in the Sultanate.


The Central Processing Plant at Saih Rawl and the gas pipeline from Saih Rawl to the Oman Liquefied Natural Gas plant at Qalhat were commissioned.


The Company became the first exploration and production company in the Middle East to achieve the ISO 14001 environmental management certification for the entirety of its operations.


The Company celebrated its 40th year of exporting oil, but had little time to rest on its laurels, with the announcement on the discovery of the Budour Northeast oilfield and the award of contracts for the two enhanced oil recovery projects, at Qarn Alam and Marmul.


PDO officially inaugurated the Kauther Gas Plant, which could process up to 20 million cubic metres of gas per day destined for the Omani market.


The Amal West steam plant was commissioned and scored a first in PDO history with its application of steam EOR on a commercial scale. Moreover, the world-first Nimr reed beds project began treating water produced through oil production.


His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - may his soul rest in peace - made an historic visit to PDO headquarters at Mina Al Fahal on the 12th of May.


PDO and GlassPoint Solar announced plans to build Miraah one of the world’s largest solar plants.


With an unrelenting focus on achieving Goal Zero, PDO set a new Lost Time Injury Frequency safety record of 0.15 and achieved a Guinness World Record for installing the highest number of solar reflective lights on a road.


The Rabab Harweel integrated project, the largest capital project in our history, was commissioned, representing a world-class addition to our portfolio and a major source of sustainable income for the nation.


The start of commercial operations at PDO’s landmark 100-megawatt Amin Photovoltaic Power Plant.


PDO celebrated the 85th anniversary of its foundation and the 55th anniversary of the first export of Omani oil.

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