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2023 2nd Alert Vehicle fire incident.
In the last year 3 very similar incidents have occurred whilst vehicles were travelling on the road. In 2022 a heavy goods vehicle suffered a fire to the rear-front trailer axle (right side), in May 2023 a crane travelling to Fahud suffered a fire originating in the engine compartment and in June 2023 a lowbed trailer carrying a crane caught fire to the passenger side rear wheels.In all 3 of these occasions the fire could not be extinguished by the drivers using the on-board fire extinguishers. NO injuries were sustained, however the fire caused extensive damage to the equipment.
Always ensure vehicles are maintained in accordance with manufacturers recommendations Always ensure tyres pressures and conditions are checked regularly including vehicle stops Always ensure you attempt to extinguish the fire when it is safe to do so Always ensure you contact PDO emergency team in case of fire. Fire Prevention is better than Fire Reaction.
HiPo#41 (2022) – result of poor brake maintenance HiPo#22 (2023) – due to extent of damage, investigation did not identify the immediate cause HiPo#26 (2023) – the most likely cause was as a result of tyre damage and friction causing the tyres to ignite.

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