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2023 2nd Alert Hipo#15 Dropped the landing joint.
On 14.03.2023 at around 16:16 hours, while laying down the 9.5/8" landing joint, the driller closed the Hydraulic Single Joint Elevator (HSJE). Then he picked up the landing joint, and the floor man pushed the joint's pin end into the catwalk's trough. The driller then started to lower the joint into the trough. While doing so, the HSJE unexpectedly opened, causing the joint to fall, bounce onto the rig floor and land on the ground with its coupling side resting on the V-Door. The zone management was in place and no injury to anyone.
Driller and AD to ensure compliance with the zone management system. Driller and AD to ensure that the TDS HPU is set to the "ON Mode" when using the CRT. Maintenance team to consult the OEM of the TDS & HSJE elevator to upgrade the hydraulic system to prevent the elevator from opening in case of system pressure loss. Driller and AD to concentrate on ongoing operation, check all reading (HPU hydraulic pressure, alarms, etc.). Be vigilant during operation, regularly check HPU hydraulic pressure and monitor alarms.
The elevator and safety latch function tests were conducted successfully in accordance with the Elevator Product Manual. No abnormalities. The TDS HPU was operating in Auto mode, which includes a 5-minute timeout period. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the HPU system will automatically stop, and the system pressure drop to zero. The driller failed to notice that the HPU was off (display on screen + alarm activated on the display). The HSJE is equipped with a mechanical lock as a secondary barrier, but can not keep the elevator in a closed position in the event of a system pressure loss and a joint in an inclined position (weight loss). The Catwalk area has metal chain as a barrier (as per SP-2097 DROPS standard), the off-driller side chain was temporarily removed to allow the forklift to access the catwalk to remove the landing joint. The CCTV records shows that the crew complied with the red zone and the no-go zone requirement.

Category:Second AlertsDocument Type:Safety