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mtaleb@rahab-tc.commohammedtalebChange, Improvement or Update to Process
 Rahab Trading and Contracting Company were first established in Oman in 15/04/1987 as Rahab Trading Establishment. The legal form was changed in 07/08/2005 to Rahab Trading & Contracting LLC with:-
06/02/2018 14:2706/02/2018 14:27 Clarke58787General
Test if email system arrives in inbox.
25/02/2018 10:1825/02/2018 10:18No presence informationClarke, Vaughan MSE53, Improvement or Update to Process
fasf asfasfsa f
25/02/2018 14:1725/02/2018 14:17 Clarke58787Change, Improvement or Update to Process
Testing of email
05/03/2018 14:4305/03/2018 14:43No presence informationClarke, Vaughan MSE53 document Incorrect
08/03/2018 14:4508/03/2018 14:45No presence informationRashdy, AlKhatib ONS AnchanMUC1962Change, Improvement or Update to Process
The Latest SP-1323 version is 8.1 Effective date is August 2017 But the checklist Version is 8.0. Effective date is May 2017.
Could you please update this.
Secondly, the below attachment link is not working for attaching the latest version for your ready reference.
Failed on Start (retrying)11/03/2018 09:4011/03/2018 09:40, AimanMU52078Change, Improvement or Update to Process

Recently your team simplified the PR’s below and asked UOP6 to review those of PR’s. those PR’s owned by UOP6 and its required some modification on steps and add more information.
Kindly, could you help us and provide those PR’s on visio file.

Failed on Start (retrying)13/03/2018 08:0413/03/2018 08:04 ClarkeMU52078Change, Improvement or Update to Process
Test after meeting
Failed on Start (retrying)18/03/2018 13:0718/03/2018 13:07 Mar 1895018Change, Improvement or Update to Process
test 1
Failed on Start (retrying)18/03/2018 13:4918/03/2018 13:49
Testing workflow IssueTesting Workflow Issuemuc12345Change, Improvement or Update to Process
Testing workflow Issue
Failed on Start (retrying)20/03/2018 11:5520/03/2018 11:55
Testing AlertTesting AlertTesting AlertChange, Improvement or Update to Process
Testing alert
27/03/2018 10:4627/03/2018 10:46
dfgdfgdfdfgdgChange, Improvement or Update to Process
27/03/2018 10:4927/03/2018 10:49
Testing Change RequestTesting Change Request on AlertChange, Improvement or Update to Process
Testing Change Request on Alert
27/03/2018 10:5327/03/2018 10:53
Testing workflow Issuetesting Change, Improvement or Update to Process
27/03/2018 11:2027/03/2018 11:20
testing AlertTesting AlertChange, Improvement or Update to Process
27/03/2018 11:2327/03/2018 11:23 in Process
02/04/2018 10:3702/04/2018 10:37
teting alertTeting AlertsTesting AlertsChange, Improvement or Update to Process
11/04/2018 14:2811/04/2018 14:28No presence informationPuri, Zunair IDI3X
Testing Alert 2Testing Alert 3Testing Alert 4Change, Improvement or Update to Process
Testing Alert 2
11/04/2018 14:2911/04/2018 14:29, Fareed CHSR91776Change, Improvement or Update to Process
I am testing the new system as part of learing.
Waiting your replay
08/05/2018 11:0508/05/2018 11:05 JalilovMU59121Change, Improvement or Update to Process
In SP-2000, in one place (Annex C-3) it says:
"Journeys between rigs and their assigned camps (24/7 operations) where the radius between the 2 locations does not exceed 30 kilometres"
in other place (3.7.5 Night time driving exceptions:):
"Between work site / Company / Contractor / camp site(s) if they are up to 30 km away from one another for work locations with 24 hour operations (rigs, hoists, well test units, etc.)."

second occurence doesn't say "radius".
13/06/2018 09:4913/06/2018 09:49 in Process
List of recent changes is not accessible. pg is blank
PR 1709  or SP2273 is not available
09/08/2018 12:2709/08/2018 12:27 AnchanMUC1962Change, Improvement or Update to Process
SP-1232 need update. The Latest Version is 8.1 (Aug 2017)
13/08/2018 15:5713/08/2018 15:57 NamTUN TourismChange, Improvement or Update to Process
If you plan to travel to Vietnam, you should book hotels online with to get cheapest price. They offer also organize tour packages, tickets, transportation and visa on arrival service.
20/09/2018 06:5020/09/2018 06:50 Lich SoKhach SanChange, Improvement or Update to Process
You can also check to have more details about Vietnam tourism
20/09/2018 06:5320/09/2018 06:53 Al Baramimu52338Change, Improvement or Update to Process
HSE Leadership course Feedback recieved from colleagues attended the course is very basic for expereinced engineers; and five working days is too long.
- action to optimize this course to focus on main message to pass to Managers.
02/10/2018 11:0202/10/2018 11:02 Al Baramimu52338Change, Improvement or Update to Process

HSE training in PDO is one of the basic requirements in working in oil and gas environment  and to keep all staff trained and competent to level of exposure according to their work. However I feel personally there is a room for optimization and look for other alternatives which is effective and cost efficient.


• Most of the trainings are  in class room  which is good interaction but on the other hand time restricted with expiry dates and have to be done more frequently in short span, i.e. defensive driving..etc
• staff have to leave the office to do the trainings which might affect business.


• Introduce PDO HSE training online for most of HSE trainings and limit the class room for first time training only. i.e. current AIPSM Online Training.
• Introduce electronic reminders to remind staff to complete their trainings when they’re due and keep copy to line supervisor and limit to inform manager when overdue for long time.


• Time efficient tool; enables company staff to start the training at their own time in the office with no affect on business duties.  
• Cost effective tool, save all trainings cost across the company.
• Ensure all staff are trained when they’re due for training and meet HSE training requirements which can be monitored electronically from database and have real time data.

I hope this will help if evaluated thoroughly and can contribute to PDO and Oman on longer term. 
02/10/2018 11:0302/10/2018 11:03 AlWahaibimu58749General
I suggest to incorporate this system in PDO orientation course, that will make sure all employees and contractors have enough knowledge on how to use and where they can access it from.
08/10/2018 15:3908/10/2018 15:39No presence informationWahaibi, Mazin PDHY1 AlFarsi55868General
We recently had  a case of LSR violation "driver was reported using vehicle cigarette lighter for smoking inside the vehcie". As prevention measure I suggest to include removal of cigarette lighter from all vehichles in SP-2000.  Thank you
14/10/2018 09:5914/10/2018 09:59 Al Mushaiqirmu61093Change, Improvement or Update to Process
SP-1170 NORM Management procedure link includes only NORM survey. The high level map not available in the system
Link: http://pdointernet/hsepoc/pages/default.aspx?RefID=ED33C 
18/10/2018 09:0018/10/2018 09:00 Al Mushaiqirmu61093Change, Improvement or Update to Process
New update of  Flaring & venting SP-2194 available
link: http://pdointernet/hsepoc/pages/default.aspx?RefID=ED32D
contact MSE26C for the file because attachments bottom not working.
21/10/2018 09:0021/10/2018 09:00
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