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 Basic Navigation

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‚ÄčTo access any part of the HSE MS, move the mouse cursor over the menu at the top. If a menu item contains a sub-menu, moving the mouse over the item will immediately expand the menu displaying the sub-items. Any sub-item can then be selected.

Navigation Conventions
To Navigate within the system:

  • When the cursor arrow becomes a HAND then you can click on it
  • The BACK button on the menu bar will take you back to the previous screen
  • To search for any specific top click on the INDEX button in the side menu bar
  • To get to the MAIN SCREEN click on the HOME button in the side menu bar
  • To see more detail on a process flow diagram, click on the BUTTONS alongside the process blocks and text will pop up. Click outside the popup to CLOSE it.
  • To EXIT the system click on FILE and EXIT

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